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China energy construction group Harbin electric power equipment General Factory Co.,Ltd.
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Sales Tel: 0451-55102208
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Contact: Zhao Han Guang Hu Zhenjiang Sun Chunlei Xiao Yang
E-mail: [email protected]
I plant a successful completion of China Petroleum Limi.. 2016/4/18
March 2016, I plant the successful completion of the Sh.. 2016/3/18
I plant the successful completion of CNOOC Huizhou Guan.. 2016/2/1
I plant the successful completion of the Jilin petroleu.. 2016/1/9
December 2015, I successfully won the bid China Petrole.. 2015/12/15

       Best wishes to our friends of customers supporting us for a wonderful new year from company chairman of ZHANG Li-you and all of us.May health and business booming be with you always.